Believing that Anglicanism is Catholic by its very nature, we not only use the New Zeeland Book of Common Prayer as the standard for our worship life, but believe it to be the liturgy par excellence for Catholic worship and teaching the Catholic faith.  As we embrace Anglicanism, we therefore also embrace all authorized Books of Common Prayer within the communion. However, while ample scope is provided for Low Church as well as Charismatic worship, we are partial to the High Church tradition which stresses fidelity to the prayer book as a matter of faith. After all most of what we say in the Prayer Book liturgy is scripture itself formed into prayer. That which is not quoted from scripture directly is most often taken from ancient prayers written by the great Saints of the early Church. Liturgy is both an expression of and teacher of faith. Liturgy is participatory, dynamic and relational. When we participate in liturgy we encounter God, learning who Spirit is and who we are in relation to Spirit by worshiping it, hearing its Word proclaimed and receiving its grace through the Sacraments.

The Prayer Book gives the faithful access to the liturgy in one concise volume that is written in the language of the people. One of the major functions of liturgy is to form people in the faith. By using a common prayer book the faithful themselves participate in the prayers and the worship so as to be incorporated into the mystery of God’s self-revelation in Word and Sacrament.

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