Clergy Listing

Clergy Listing

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The Rev. Kristina Russell-Elliott
Address: Fort Bragg, CA
Title: Assistant Pastor
Church: Evergreen UMC
Bio: Kris Russell is a graduate of PSR’s CTEL program and an assistant pastor at Evergreen Methodist Church in Ft Bragg Ca. She is interested in all things interfaith and considers her ordination to the priesthood her greatest blessing.
The Rev. Jeff Hall
Address: Ventura and Long Beach, CA
Title: Associate Rector
Church: All Saints Parish
Bio: Fr. Jeffrey Hall graduated from The Diocesan School of Theology, located in Seattle, Washington in 1993.

1992 – 1995 – On-call Trauma Chaplain for Harbor View Medical Center – Seattle, Washington

In 1997, completed studies with Anglican Institute of Affirmative Christian Studies to prepare for Ordination to Deacon April 19, 1997 with subsequent Ordination to the priesthood following on September 27, 1997.
The Rev. Nancy Morrison, MD
Address: Palisade, CO
Boulder, CO

Title: Author & Spiritual Director
Dr. Paul McCright
Address: Dallas, TX
Title: Canon to the Ordinary EACA House of Bishop’s
Bio: Our new Canon to the Ordinary is Dr. Paul McCright.  He was born in Texarkana, AR and raised in Hooks, TX.  He is an industrial engineer, holding a BS from Texas Tech, an MS from Arizona State, and a PhD from Stanford University.  His specialty area is engineering management and organization control.  He is single, having lost his life-partner Jim in 2011.  After retiring from 21 years as a faculty member at the University of South Florida and 5 years at Kansas State University, he now works as an Executive Vice President at a start-up technology company in Dallas, Texas.  He is eternally grateful for the love, support, and spiritual guidance he has received as a member of EACA since November, 2008.  Previous spiritual affiliations were with Baptist Churches and Metropolitan Community Churches, where he served on the board of directors at three different congregations.
The Rev. Edward Bledsoe
Address: Camarillo, CA
Title: Deacon
Church: All Saints Parish
Bio: I was born in the U.S. Naval Hospital, at the Naval Base Port Hueneme, Ventura County, State of California.  My education was achieved in California and Europe.  My most recent was at the University Sacramento, while serving as a Civil Servant.  During which I received several commendations and awards, including but not limited to a Presidential Citation for my work with U.S. Veterans and the people at large in the State of California.
The Rev. Joel Chan
Address: Ventura, CA
Title: Deacon
Church: All Saints Parish
Bio: I grew up in the Los Angeles area, leaving only to attend UC Berkeley for undergraduate studies.  I returned to Los Angeles to attend the USC School of Medicine, staying to complete my residency and fellowships in pathology at the Los Angeles+USC Medical Center.  I specialize in Hematopathology, the study of the diseases affecting the blood, bone marrow and lymph nodes.  I was raised as a Disciples of Christ, but left the church for several decades before returning to God – finding a spiritual home amidst the parishioners of All Saints Parish.  My ministries are focused on food distribution, the homeless and HIV/AIDS education.
The Rev. Paula Gonzalez
Address: Albuquerque, NM
Title: Deacon
Church: Rising Sun Christian Community
Bio: Having loved the Holy Father and His Son Jesus Christ since a young age, I didn’t know what it meant to truly allow Jesus to be Lord of my life until I was baptized in His name at 31 years of age. Having walked with Him these last two decades has allowed me to grow spiritually and develop in ways that I could never have imagined for myself. I am currently in formation to become a Deacon and hope to be ordained in early 2018. My career goal is to be a Chaplain in order to provide spiritual comfort and guidance to hospital/hospice patients and their caregivers. Should the Lord will that I provide spiritual guidance to women in prison, I will gladly go there as well.
The Rev. Stephen Sale
Address: Dallas, Texas
Title: Deacon
Church: St. Thomas Church
Bio: I grew up in Texas, leaving for a year when we lived in Morocco while my father taught at the University of Rabat. A cradle Episcopalian, I put off the call to ordained ministry and joined the U. S. Navy following graduation from the University of North Texas. I served for 31 years as an active duty Naval Officer and six years as a senior civilian. Throughout the 37 years that I served as a military leader and mentor, I sought to act as a responsible steward to those I led and served. The lesson of serving Christ in all persons is a commitment that is both consistent with my baptismal covenant and with my oath to my country. The call remained, and the return to Dallas in 2013 allowed me to resume a call that had been deferred for over 40 years. Attending the Episcopal diocese of Dallas Stanton Center for three years, and Perkins School of Theology at SMU, aided in my formation. Ministries here in Dallas are focused on the Homeless and Hungry, and I work with The Gathering and The Bridge as well as serving at St Thomas.
The Rev. Susan Draag
Address: Linton, IN
Title: EACA Communication Director
Bio: Born in Bronx, New York, March 3, 1946 to very strict Roman Catholic family.  As a teenager, left the RC church and struggled for many years trying to find a church home that would accept my sexuality. Attended SUNY F’dale Ag & Tech College majoring in agronomy, joined the Peace Corps in Bolivia, South America, after attending Utah State Univ. for Peace Corps Training.  Upon returning, worked many jobs over the years and finally actually came out in 1978. In 1996, God lead me to the EACA. I was ordained a Deacon in 1997, a priest in 2007. I am retired and working part time for Walmart. I currently live in Linton, Indiana (lived in New York, North Carolina and Tennessee), I have had very high paying jobs and very low menial jobs. I have been around the block several times and had it not been for my friends and colleagues in the EACA, I would have not survived. Life is very good. 
The Rt. Rev Craig Bettendorf
Address: Long Beach, CA
Title: Founding Bishop
Church: Evangelical Anglican Church in America
Bio: “I pray that none will be offended if I seek to make of the Christian Religion an Inn where all are received joyously, rather than a place where a few close friends of the family are received.” Richard Hooker
These words of Richard Hooker inspired Craig Bettendorf as he studied for ministry within the Anglican tradition. This message of creating a place of inclusivity and mutuality has been a hallmark endeavor throughout his faith journey and ministry. The study of Liberation theology as expressed by Gustavo Gutierrez and exemplified by the life of fallen Archbishop Oscar Romero gave Bettendorf great faith and spiritual determination. The following statement of events briefly depicts the journey that lead to the writing of A Biblical Defense Guide for Gays, Lesbians and those who love them.

September 27, 1959, Baptized, Gesu Roman Catholic Church, Milwaukee, WI.
April 15, 1973, Confirmed, Apostles Lutheran Church, Franklin Park, IL.
December 6, 1992, Ordained Deacon, St. Jude Church, Philippine Independent Church (Anglican Catholic Church of the Philippines), Huntington Beach, CA +Juan Baladad, Missionary Bishop.
May 2, 1993, Ordained Priest, St. Jude Church, Philippine Independent Church (Anglican Catholic Church of the Philippines), Huntington Beach, CA +Macario V. Ga, Supreme Bishop.
December 1992-June 1994, served as assistant Rector and Rector within two parishes serving the Filipino community in Los Angeles, CA.
June 1994-August 1997, served as Rector of All Saints Anglican Church, Los Angeles, CA.
June 1994, Established the Anglican Institute of Affirmative Christian Studies in Redondo Beach, CA.
December 4, 1994, Elected and consecrated to the office of Bishop, Evangelical Anglican Church in America, All Saints Parish, Los Angeles, CA, +G. Stephen Trivoli-Johnson.
September 3, 1996, Denounced the Federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) signing the National Freedom to Marry Resolution, All Souls Church, New York City, NY.
April 23, 1999, Presented to the students and faculty of The Harvard Divinity School, Cambridge, MA.
May 27, 2001, Installed as Presiding Bishop of the Anglican Church in America, Cathedral of St. Jerome, Tulsa, OK. +G. Stephen Trivioli-Johnson.
October 17, 2002, Facilitated a Concordat agreement between the Evangelical Anglican Church in America and the Open Episcopal Church of Great Britain and Ireland, bringing both churches into full Inter-communion.
August 27, 2004, Consecrated Carmen Valenzuela and Rusty Smith for the Office of Bishop for the Evangelical Anglican Church in America, Cathedral of Jesus of Nazareth, Tampa, FL. Announcing his own retirement.
Oftentimes cultural prohibitions thrive unchecked by the general populace eventually entering the world of “known understanding”. “It is this way because it has always been this way”, becomes the reflexive response to change for the dominant culture. This was certainly the case while institutional approval of human slavery existed. It was also the case when Women sought to exert their independence grasping for equality in a male-dominated world. Throughout the past three decades, members of the Gay and Lesbian community have sought freedom from hate as well as religious and societal tolerance gaining some small degree of success. A Biblical Defense Guide was researched and ultimately authored to be used as a tool for mutual understanding. Those who seek a clear understanding of the societal prohibition and oppression of cultural minorities will be well served in seeking answers outside of the known cultural understanding of “It is this way because it has always been this way”. A Biblical Defense Guide will offer interesting insights to all those who seek to understand the historical, cultural, and societal prohibitions that are at work in the world today.


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