The Rev. Edward Bledsoe

The Rev. Edward Bledsoe
He, Him and His
All Saints Parish
Camarillo, CA

I was born in the U.S. Naval Hospital, at the Naval Base Port Hueneme, Ventura County, State of California.  My education was achieved in California and Europe.  My most recent was at the University Sacramento, while serving as a Civil Servant.  During which I received several commendations and awards, including but not limited to a Presidential Citation for my work with U.S. Veterans and the people at large in the State of California.  In the fields of employment, contract writing and unemployment insurance, just to name a few. I served in the U.S. Navy as a corpsman (medical/hospital services).  Until I was severely injured in the line of duty.  After which time I was medically retired.  After a couple of years I was hired into the civil service. Which I worked for some 25 yrs until I was medically retired again, due to an on going spinal condition that required several surgeries. during such time I was studying to become a Deacon.  Following the required studies I was ordained as a Deacon.  I have served some 20+ years thus far as a Deacon.  I hope this information will serve as the needed Bio information that you are requesting.  Thank you for the honor of serving with you and the EACA members of our church.  Respectfully Edward

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